Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

Your device is ready to help you rediscover the world around you! At your hearing aid fitting and programming appointment with Dr. Eimers Hearing Clinic, your audiologist will explain how to fit and remove your device properly, how to charge it and change the batteries if applicable and how to clean and perform routine maintenance to keep your hearing aid functioning properly, providing long-lasting life for your investment in your hearing health.

Don’t be afraid to ask for written instructions! A hearing aid fitting can be overwhelming as you rediscover soundscapes and frequencies that you may have lost over time, so ask for written instructions to review once your emotions have subsided.

Live Speech Mapping

In order to determine the best levels for you and your new hearing aids, your audiologist will also guide you through live speech mapping.

What is Live Speech Mapping?

Live speech mapping increases the chances that the programming of your new device is done correctly on the first try. In the past, patients responded to a series of beeps and noises, but today’s technology is much more effective and makes your fitting appointment more interactive. Your participation can help reduce the number of office visits required to make sure that your device is working as hard as it can for you!

You will be asked to bring along a family member or friend to your appointment. A familiar presence will offer you emotional support and act as a “gauge” in your ability to hear live voices for a truly patient-focused experience.

During the live speech mapping, small microphones will be placed in your ear canal and used to measure the response of your device. Your audiologist will explain the process, then use high-tech equipment to “see” in real time what you are hearing through your devices. This also gives you the opportunity to provide immediate feedback so changes can be made on the spot. Live speech mapping provides patients with a positive, engaging experience by allowing them to see the real differences that your hearing device makes!

The hearing aid fitting is only one step on your journey to hearing health. Attitude is the number one factor of success with your new device. It may take some time for you to adjust physically and emotionally to the reality of your improved hearing as you realize what you may have missed out on, and it can be an ongoing process. Keeping a positive attitude is key to having a positive experience but be sure to reach out to your audiologist if you are struggling to adjust to life with your new device.