Hearing Protection

Prolonged exposure to noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. This type of damage is often detected too late, which means the hearing loss is usually irreversible. Contact Dr. Eimers Hearing Clinic today to discuss how to preserve your current hearing and protect it in the future.

Hearing protection isn’t just for those who work, live or play in noisy environments. Reach out if you participate in any of these hobbies so we can help you find a solution and put your hearing health first:

  • Hunting or target shooting: hearing protection that allows for normal hearing until you are shooting, when a filter instantaneously closes when it recognizes damaging noise levels.
  • Motorsports: designed with a hollow canal that reduces wind buffeting for under-helmet use.
  • Music festivals or concerts: allows wearers to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels. Perfect for performing musicians, attendees of large sporting events, flight attendants, mechanics, dental professionals and people who work in the service industry.
  • Occupational: allows users to protect their hearing and stay safe in high-noise environments, such as construction sites, factory floors or landscaping.
  • Sleep: block out unnecessary noise and get the uninterrupted rest that your body needs! Also, a great solution for people who work during non-traditional hours and sleep during the day
  • Swimming, surfing or showering: in addition to keeping water and wind out of the ear canal, these plugs float and also provide great noise reduction for other activities.

Earmolds and Earplugs

Hearing protection is a must for anyone who regularly works or plays in a high-noise environment. This can include jobs like pilots, musicians, construction or factory workers, lawn maintenance or mechanics, and hobbies like motorsports, target shooting or riding a motorcycle. While there are some one-size-fits-all hearing protection options available over the counter, custom earmolds and earplugs and are made to fit the specific contour of your ears and offer maximum, long-term protection.

Custom Earmolds

Earmolds can be made of soft, solid or spongy material, and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Some earmolds come with a filtered electronic attenuator, which protects your hearing and still allows for verbal communication, which make them a great choice in any situation where wearers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times like construction sites or the shooting range. The audiologists at Dr. Eimers Hearing Clinic will recommend the best option for you based on your unique lifestyle.

Custom Earplugs 

Earplugs are designed to be worn directly in your ear canal. Some options block sound completely, and some options allow for some sound to pass through, making this a great option for those for whom clear communication in noisy environments is key. Earplugs are custom-made to fit your ear canal, and individualized earplugs are often more comfortable than those you can buy over the counter at your local drugstore.